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How Much Does A New Heat Pump System Cost Installed?

By Justin Riley October 29, 2017

How Much Does A New Heating & Cooling System Cost Installed?

This is the most popular question that I get on a daily basis.  On average a US Homeowner only purchases 1.9 heating and cooling systems in their lifetime. Homeowners are not familiar with how much a heating and cooling system cost since they do not purchase them everyday. The average life expectancy of a heating & cooling system is around 15 years!  Pick any item and I bet the price 15 years ago is different than today, most of the time things are more expensive 15 years later.  For example think of gasoline prices, an item that people purchase everyday and people can recite exactly how much it costs!

So what is the cost of a new heating & cooling system installed?

Alright now it is time to blow the cover of 99% of heating and cooling companies! I can not think of any other major company which provides a transparent look into where the costs are coming from. When contractors price a heating and cooling system they do it by handing you one big number!  
Other companies mark up the equipment, materials and the labor and group this together into one big lump sum which causes most people to gasp! This mark-up is normal business practice in our industry but what is the ratio of that breakdown? Like how much does the actual equipment cost? how much is the labor portion?
At DIY Comfort Depot we are different than our competition, we will sell you just the equipment at direct to consumer wholesale pricing, and if you would like, we will professionally install it for you.  We are transparent to where your cost are coming from!

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Here is an example from DIY Comfort Depot for a Goodman 14 seer 2 Ton Heat Pump System.....
goodman 2 ton heat pump system DIY Comfort Depot


 As you can see the price to buy just the equipment is $1,690.00.  I am sure you are asking the question "well that would be great if I was an experienced HVAC technician with proper licensing, tools, materials" 

How much will it cost to have this 2 Ton Goodman Heat Pump System installed with all the materials and labor?

Goodman 2 ton heat pump system installed


 As you can see from the picture the price to have this system installed is $3,733.00.  So $3,733.00-$1,690.00 gives a remainder of $2,043.00.
Now in the $2,043 are materials and labor.  This installation includes a new equipment pad, snow legs, electrical whip, electrical disconnect, UV wrap for the refrigerant lines, refrigerant caps, return box with filter rack, 12" custom made sheet metal transition, removal and disposal of the old equipment and more! We have roughly $500.00 in materials required for this installation.


What is the labor cost?

The labor cost of the Goodman 2 Ton Heat Pump System installed is $1,543.00.  This may seem high at first glance.  Well to install this system it takes two men and takes them a full day to install.  Remember the team has to drive to the office pick your equipment up, drive to the job, install your equipment, then drive back to the office and dispose of your equipment per EPA regulations. 
So a full days work is an eight hour day. Now $1,543.00 divided by 16 labor hours on a full day equals an hourly labor rate of $96.43.  I dare you to call around and ask what the hourly rate of other HVAC companies are.  I will sit here and wait for you to call back with the answers.

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  • My heat pump inop at this time its over 20 years old . time for a new a new the info on this site . like to have you to instill a new one.thanks Mike Leddy

    Michael Leddy on

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